Smart Camera Remote

I don’t really understand how this works, but the MaxStone remote shutter for your DSLR is incredibly promising. Imagine adding a little white pebble to your DSLR and controlling everything from shutter to aperture to program settings with your iPhone! Black magic I tells ya. iphone_011 wonderfulshutter_021

The Company You Keep

Endlessly impressed with the website, write ups, work and general vibe of The Company You Keep, another Australia design shop. It’s funny to me because I had always envisioned getting experience in the ‘States and returning to Melbourne to get a job. Maybe it could still happen?

One Iota

One Iota is a phrase I had to Google to remember the meaning (it means ‘not the slightest amount’) and is also a uber-clean, friendly design studio in Brisbane, Australia. They only show a small amount of projects but man are they varied. From Taste to Esplanade Coffee to their info page, it all rounds out to something unexpected. I also dig their site navigation, color and use of typography. High marks!

Historic black n’ white to color photos

I have NO idea how they did this, but these are old, some famous, black and white photos turned into color. Man! I would love to seem more. Or, even better, black and white movies to color! Would be so cool.

Square Cash

This looks promising.


Square Cash lets anyone with a debit card send money instantly over email

What if sending money was as simple as sending an email? That’s the premise of Square Cash, launching today for all debit card users in the US, using any email service. To use Square Cash, all you do is compose an email to a friend, type the amount you way to pay in the subject title, and cc If it’s your first time using the service, you’re directed to Square’s website where you type in your debit card number — and you’re done. There are no accounts to create, apps to download, friends to add, surcharges to pay, or bank account numbers to look up.

Nest Smoke Alarm

Because the Internet is lightning fast, the new Nest Smoke (and Carbon Monoxide) alarm is old news. And yet the video they feature the new alarm is so compelling. Yes! It is like that. Stupid ladders and D batteries that no one uses. But is $130 worth it to stop all of that? Per room? Yikes.